Recent Events

We're trying to get our Blog utilized for events we've attended, if you're a member of the troop with a gmail id, you could be an author, contact Mr D.. (6/7/2010)

Oct 2-4, 2009 That was a "Wild", "Wild West Camporee", the scouts really had a great time and got some cool BSA 2010 Hats, Reuseable Bags/Water Bottles, and more at the auction.

May 1-3, 2009 Lots of fun at the Star Wars Camporee, congradulations to those that won the Star Wars costume prizes

April 26th, 2009 Scuba BSA was as fun as ever. We hope we can go again next year

April 25th, 2009 Our 'Adopt a Highway' section of Rt 82, got cleaned up

April 18th, 2009 What a great time at Thornedale for the new scouts.

April 4th. 2009 Thanks to all who helped clean up St. Peter's Cemetery. Seven additional veteran's graves were found for marking for Memorial day flags.

March 29th. Great Troop Dinner again, and nice accommodations at the Millbrook Fire House. Lots of Merit Badge presentations and Rank advancement

Participation in the two Merit Badge seminars can help advancement goals.

Feb 27-28, Our regular Cabin Campout - 5 miles of hiking, merit badge and regular advancement activities

Feb 20th, 2009 Welcome new troop members and graduates of Cub Scout Pack 31. Amazing ceremony at Dutchess Day School!

Snow days

Popcorn, Popcorn, Popcorn

Some rain, but still a fun Lean-to campout - Nov 14-16

Thanks for everyone's participation in honoring veterans at the flag ceremony Nov 11th and the flag retirement ceremony later in the day.

One scout helped at the Union Vale Fire Company's Ham Supper Nov. 8th

November 1st we cleaned up our stretch of Rt 82, for "Adopt a Highway" service.

Court of Honor was held Oct 29th at the Millbrook Fire House. Congratulations to all who had advanced in Rank, accepted new roles in the troop, and completed merit badges

Great time was had at the Going Green Fall Camporee October 17-19

Aug, 17, 2008 - Our SeaBase trip was adventurous, but cut short by Tropical Storm Fay, and we had to evacuate the Keys. Click for a 12 meg updated slide show/video of some of the first pictures available, the first few are the flight down and the day in Florida before the SeaBase session, then some SeaBase pictures and our evacuation. (Crew Photo taken at SeaBase)

June 11, 2008 - The troop room is looking much better after our clean-up day

May 18, 2008, Thanks to all who helped Joe with the first part of his Eagle project preparing to make repairs along part of the Appalachian Trail

May 17, 2008, Thanks to the scouts who help us salute veterans by putting out the flags at the cemeteries

May 2-4 Lots of us went on the historic Camporee to the FDR site, this was the first time ever a group was allowed to camp at the site. Here's a Troop Picture - from the event

April 20, 2008, Thanks to all who helped Miles with his Eagle Project planting at IES

April 13, 2008, A few scouts did service for the community by helping with Parking at the "Mount Beacon Amateur Radio Club-Hamfest"

March 29, 2008, Thanks to those who beatified our "Adopt a Highway' portion of Route 44

Feb 23, 2008, Another great cabin campout at Nooteeming

Sunday 1/13/2008
Of the 8 boys and 4 adults that went to the scuba BSA excursion, everyone thought that it was extremely fun. We started off at Marsh Scuba and took a class on the basics of scuba diving. After the class we hung around and had pizza and soda. After the class and socializing we got fitted with scuba gear and then took a ride over to the YMCA. Once there we suited up and got into the water in groups with our dive instructors. Once in the water we learned first hand the skills we saw in class. One we completed the skills, we were allowed to swim around the pool for about 30 minutes. We then geared down and and swam in the pool for a while. Also, a special thank you to Marsh Scuba and also to the scoutmaster who organized this event.

Advancement was presented at the Oct 24th Court of Honor, multiple rank advances, lots of merit badges, patches for summer camp, and the camporee

Great Fall Camporee, Oct. 19-21. The theme was "Advancement Through Scouting", Scouts worked on various merit badges such as Weather, Fingerprinting, Rocketry, Criminal Justice, Astronomy, Handicap Awareness, Public Health, Rifle, Reading, American Labor, and several others, as well as worked on Rank advancement. Across the whole district this was attended by more that 250 scouts.

Most scouts and adults in the troop are recertified in First Aid thanks to the course at the Millbrook Fire House Oct. 3rd. We'll be prepared to help folks in need when we encounter them.

MiniGolf Sept 30th was a first, all reports were that it was fun

Thorne Dale campout - Sept. 21-23rd was really fun, string burning, wood chopping, tent raising, and the rest. Remember the Diet Coke / Mentos experiment too.

OA Weekend Sept. 14th-16 was well attended multiple Troop31 OA members attended, one new OA member inducted.Thanks to the scouts that made our Rt44 Adopt a Highway stretch look much better on Sept. 9th

Special page: Hiking / Conservation update

The Planning meeting Aug 4th went well and the tentative plans are on our calendar. Take a look and talk w/ your Patrol leaders about more ideas.

From what I heard the 20 Mile Hike was great and long :)

Sun - July 1st thru Sat July 7th - Summer Camp was great, we should have pictures in a while.

Wednesday June 13th @ Nine Partners Cemetery on Church St. in Millbrook 7 PM to 8:30 we cleaned veteran's plaques and placed another one.

Sunday June 10th work day on the AT  1 PM to 6 PM - location details on the calendar

Saturday June 9th - 10 mile hike 8 AM to 2PM see the calendar for location detail

Fri. June 8th 7PM-8:30PM - Summer Hike/Backpacking trek planning meeting at Jim Evan's house

Wed - June 6th - Troop room cleanup, the room looks great. Thanks to all who came and hope you enjoyed ice cream afterwards

Wed - May 30th - Court of Honor 7PM + outgoing seniors celebration - Congratulations Seniors, good luck and come back when you're in town. Continue Scouting!

Mon - May 28th - Memorial Day Parade 9:30AM - Thanks to everyone who marched and honored the veterans

Wed - May 23rd - Regular meeting 7PM
Sat - May 19th - Flags on Veterans' graves
Wed - May 16th - Regular meeting 7PM
Sat - May 12th - Adopt a Highway 12:30PM (Service)
May 9th - regular meeting
May 6th - Appalachian Trail work Rt 55 (Conservation Service)
May 1st - PLC Meeting (Leadership)
April 27th - 29th - Spring Camporee - Camp Nooteeming