Scuba BSA Form

Minimum age is 10.5 years old, registered Scouts
When filling in this form:

1. The forms *must* be accurately filled in. (People have died or
nearly died because they thought this unimportant and lied. I have
personally seen one such incident. The diver was still alive when the
ambulance took her away after 10-15 minutes of CPR and being bagged with
pure O2. She was very fortunate that she didn't do her open water dives
off a boat miles from shore instead of at Dutch Springs.)

2. EVERY question requires a written YES or NO. You cannot put "NO" at
the top of a column and draw an arrow, or use quotation marks, to
indicate that all the answers are NO.

3. If there are no YES answers on page 1, then NO DOCTOR'S SIGNATURE IS
REQUIRED and only p. 1 needs to be turned in.

4. If anything is answered YES on p. 1, then the entire form (all 6
pages) must be brought to the doctor and then p. 1 and p. 2 must be
filled in, signed by the parent/guardian and the doctor as appropriate,
and turned in.

On the form::
Leave the instructor blank for now.
The facility is Marsh Scuba, located in Poughkeepsie NY.
PADI - Medical Form from
Parents of Scouts under 12 Parents have to attend a short session with the dive master with scouts to get extra information for younger divers